понедельник, 19 сентября 2011 г.

Motorolla + Google = ?

At the tail end of the process, Motorola Mobility’s board considered seeking other buyers, but ultimately concluded that it was “preferable” to negotiate on a confidential basis with a single potential acquirer, rather than to conduct a private or public auction. Six days later, the deal was done.


суббота, 3 сентября 2011 г.

"On a New Road by James Gosling" Студентам

"On a New Road by James Gosling"
"I've surprised myself and made another career change. I had a great time at Google, met lots of interesting people, but I met some folks outside doing something completely outrageous, and after much anguish decided to leave Google. I'm now at a small startup called Liquid Robotics They have a growing fleet of autonomous vehicles that rove the ocean collecting data from a variety of onboard sensors and uploading it to the cloud."

пятница, 2 сентября 2011 г.

TTÜ events 05.-11.09.2011

• K. 07.09 kell 18.00 ruumis X-209 Microsoft Corporate asepresidendi Alain Crozieri loeng „Modernse innovatsiooni strateegiad & korporatiivne toimimine“, lisainfo www.ttu.ee

 kuni 15.10 üliõpilaste teadustööde riiklik konkurss, lisainfo www.ttu.ee.