пятница, 26 февраля 2010 г.

Лекция в ТТУ

Dear PhD students and supervisors,

Doctoral School in Information and Communication Technologies and TUT Department of Informatics organize the intense course “Cultural Considerations for the Design of Secure Information Systems” by Prof. Markus Geissler.

The course addresses cultural considerations for the design of information systems. Topics that will be discussed include the influence of national and organizational cultures on information system security design, approaches to software agent design in various cultures, and expectations of agent functionality in emerging information and communication technologies.

The course consists of 3 lectures (3 x 90 min):

Monday,         March 1, 2010                       10:00-11:30    lecture hall I-202
Tuesday,         March 2, 2010                       10:00-11:30    lecture hall I-202
Wednesday,    March 3, 2010                       10:00-11:30    lecture hall VI-201

Preliminary registration at http://iktdk.dcc.ttu.ee/form_4.html is desirable to estimate the number of participants.

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